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The Growth Company publishes the following resources, authored by Dr. Lynne Curry, a recognized expert in Human Resources.

Recent Articles by Dr. Curry

My supervisor critiques me if I don’t answer the phone quickly

I like my job, which involves inputting outgoing invoices and recording incoming payments. I keep to myself and don’t make friends easily. Answering phones breaks my concentration and I make mistakes.  Full Story >>

Pot's legal, but I got fired for using it anyway. Can I sue?

My buddies tell me I should sue my employer for violating my rights. Can I?  Full Story >>

What HR managers can do about bullying

I didn’t take action when an employee came to me complaining about a bully manager.  Full Story >>

Fizzled Romance and Humming Coworker

I’m the project lead for our department and single. As lead, I sometimes have to make hard calls in terms of who gets leave and who doesn’t when two employees both ask for the same day off. I also give input into my co-workers’ performance reviews. I’ve always followed a rule -- don’t telegraph an interest in any of my co-workers....  Full Story >>

No Skin in the Game

I get along well with "Mitch." He runs a department that supports my department and so I need his goodwill. I'm well aware that department heads who tangle with Mitch pay for it when their departments need help from his team. I don't like watching what happens to those who get on Mitch's wrong side, but I've told myself that these battles aren't my concern...  Full Story >>

Tired of being bullied and visits to the loo

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I let everyone in the workplace, my boss, my peers, even my employees, bully me...  Full Story >>

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP