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The Growth Company publishes the following resources, authored by Dr. Lynne Curry, a recognized expert in Human Resources.

Recent Articles by Dr. Curry

Lynne Curry: A promotion that vanished and an online degree

Four months ago, two people from my organization suddenly left. My boss came to me and asked me to “dig in” ...  Full Story >>

How do we hire better quality entry-level employees?

Every May, we hire and train 25 entry-level workers. This year’s crop of new employees is the worst we’ve ever had.Thus far, we've dismissed three new hires from our training program and two others look like they're going to wash out...  Full Story >>

Lonely Watchdog and Mouth

As head of accounting, I’m the office watchdog and expected to enforce my boss’ quirky policies, even the ones I don’t agree with. He doesn’t, however, back me up when the employees get angry with the policies...  Full Story >>

Temper Tantrum

I work 90 hours a week. Supposedly our company’s administrative staff supports those of us who run the field jobs as well as the higher-ups. But they don’t. One of the administrative assistants has a snarky way of saying, “You can look that up on the server yourself,” when I ask her a question. She doesn’t get that I’m out in the field working full out, and if I stop work to look up something that “only takes a minute,” I’m not keeping my eyes on what I need to be...  Full Story >>

Tell the Truth and Stop the Excuses

When I got a call last December asking me if I’d accept a state appointment, I turned it down even though I wanted to say yes. I was worried about the scrutiny I’d suffer in the vetting process. For this same reason, I’ve never run for office even though I’ve wanted to. The problem started four decades ago...  Full Story >>

Gen Z

We’re hiring a group of young interns this summer and are trying to figure out the best team member to supervise them...  Full Story >>

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP