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The Growth Company publishes the following resources, authored by Dr. Lynne Curry, a recognized expert in Human Resources.

Recent Articles by Dr. Curry

Walk of Shame

Last week, we were told in a supervisor’s meeting that we’re going heighten the pressure on employees we catch stealing. We were given handcuffs and authorization to march anyone we suspect through the store to the manager’s office where they’ll be interrogated. This whole idea bothers me.  Full Story >>

Dishing the Dirt on My Boss

I’ve had a string of bad bosses, resulting in five job changes in the last three years. I want to settle down with one company and know the secret is finding a decent manager who treats employees well. I recently interviewed for a job with a company. The manager seemed like an all-right guy but you never know. After the interview, I realized I could search the company’s website for a list of employees and find out from them what it was like to work for the man. So that night I...  Full Story >>

Might be the Best Thing You Could Do

A former employee joined my company planning to start his own competing business and worked for me just long enough to pilfer materials... I hired an attorney who said I could sue...I’d like to do so, but conflict scares me and I’ve been letting bullies and con artists manipulate me all my life. Whenever I try to stand up for myself, it brings back memories and I freeze. This legal battle seems too tough to take on, so even though I’m in the right, I’m wavering....  Full Story >>

Functional Alcoholic

Rumor has it one of your managers has an alcohol problem. No one has ever seen this manager drunk at work; however he had a DWI in a company-provided vehicle that he drives during and after work hours. Should you do something? If so…what?  Full Story >>

Using FMLA to Cover Drinking

We have one employee who takes intermittent Family Medical Leave. We suspect her of using the guise of FMLA leave to cover alcohol abuse and extended weekends, as she’s absent two to three Mondays a month. With this fact pattern and given the rumors now circulating, may we start asking her to bring doctor’s notes each week to justify her need for Monday leave?  Full Story >>

My Friends Turned Against Me

I recently decided to go back to school, taking two classes on Monday nights. I told the gang and thought they’d cheer me on. I swear I’ve not changed, but things aren’t the same.  Full Story >>

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