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Our Publications

The Growth Company publishes the following resources, authored by Dr. Lynne Curry, a recognized expert in Human Resources.

Recent Articles by Dr. Curry

Dealing with workplace drama queens (and kings)

Drama queens and kings. Like hurricanes, they whirl through the workplace, sucking the oxygen out of the air you and others breathe. Five minutes with a drama king or queen saps more energy than an hour on an elliptical. Your escape?  Full Story >>

6 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Think It Is Time To Leave Your Job

When you first started your job, every day was shiny excitement. You learned new things and often wondered if you could keep up. The days now seem routine. You no longer look forward to coming to work. Is it you – or the job?  Full Story >>

5 Strategies for saying goodbye to the procrastination blues

The report’s good, but not good enough. You should have started it a week ago, but put it off. Friday afternoon, you panicked. You killed a perfectly good weekend to get everything finished by the Monday morning due date. If you want to break the “put it off until nearly too late” habit, try these five strategies.  Full Story >>

4 Questions to ask yourself to find out if the job is right for you

Have you ever landed a job, been excited by the “We’d like to hire you,” call only to experience applicant’s remorse? You wonder, “should I have accepted this job or waited for a better offer?” If you’d like to know for sure that you’ve landed the right job, ask yourself these questions.  Full Story >>

6 Ways to manage bringing your kids to work with you

When our fledgling company swapped space in our office building with another tenant, the landlord cut our rent in half. As a small business owner, I was so pleased that I overlooked the fact that our new office suite contained a door to which the landlord lacked a key. My staff and I decided to prop open the door until the landlord could locate the lost key. The next day, I brought my 2-year-old daughter to work. Jenny happily colored pictures alongside me for hours, hanging...  Full Story >>

Dispelling some myths about sexual harassment

Sex harassment -- so common a term that everyone thinks they know what these words mean and what happens when accusations fly. Do you? He said he didn’t harass her. She said he did.  Full Story >>

"This class will transform you - it will give you powers to understand people, teach you a variety of ways to communicate in a business environment and in personal life." ~ Elina Adams, BP