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The Growth Company publishes the following resources, authored by Dr. Lynne Curry, a recognized expert in Human Resources.

Recent Articles by Dr. Curry

Taking Out a Bully Employee

Nine months ago, I hired “Gabe” to handle a critical position in our company. From his first week, he took charge of a number of situations that were troublesome. I’m a fairly easygoing, accommodating supervisor, and I appreciated the way Gabe laid down the law. After Gabe had been here only a few months, employees started coming to me telling me he was a bully...  Full Story >>

Surviving the Bully Boss

I'm in my fifties and have worked for the same organization ever since I turned 18. I never thought I’d want to quit my job, but I do. I work for a bully. He's new to our organization and from day one he’s treated me with contempt. He ridicules my work and makes me redo every report I turn in. When I dare open my mouth in staff meetings, he looks at me as if I've grown horns. He insists that there’s one way, his way......  Full Story >>

PTSD and Blaming

Several weeks ago, just before his 90-day review, my husband was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. His doctor said he needed a month off from work and counseling. The company didn’t offer sick pay so my husband asked for leave without pay. He was terminated the next day...  Full Story >>

Do You Fight the Odds? Are You Up Against a Bill Cosby?

I work for a highly profitable company, run by a ruthless man, who operates it like his personal fiefdom. He has sexually harassed me for three months. If I try to sue, I’ll not only lose my job but won’t be employable in Anchorage. I like my job, make a good salary and there aren’t many companies in Anchorage that employ those with my skill set. The ones that could aren’t hiring given the drop in oil prices......  Full Story >>

Walk of Shame

Last week, we were told in a supervisor’s meeting that we’re going heighten the pressure on employees we catch stealing. We were given handcuffs and authorization to march anyone we suspect through the store to the manager’s office where they’ll be interrogated. This whole idea bothers me.  Full Story >>

Dishing the Dirt on My Boss

I’ve had a string of bad bosses, resulting in five job changes in the last three years. I want to settle down with one company and know the secret is finding a decent manager who treats employees well. I recently interviewed for a job with a company. The manager seemed like an all-right guy but you never know. After the interview, I realized I could search the company’s website for a list of employees and find out from them what it was like to work for the man. So that night I...  Full Story >>

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